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"Attention to the human body brings healing and regeneration. Through awareness of the body we remember who we are."


It started with sports…

I became a competitive athlete at a very young age. I’d grown accustomed to sore muscles, even minor strains, and thought that a little bit of pain was just evidence that I’d simply done a good job on the field or on the court. Then I suffered two major ACL tears, one within a year of the other, which led me to be in rehabilitation for almost two full years.

As an active girl who’d always used her body to challenge and express herself, this was devastating…until I discovered how to help my body to heal in a more holistic way.  I was prescribed physical therapy, alternative therapies, and different modalities of bodywork to complement my treatment and, as a result, I healed and returned to full physical capacity.  While these methods helped me to fully recover and get the most out of rehabilitation, the greatest discovery was that I suddenly had a sustainable self-care program that allowed me to prevent injuries and maintain full-body wellness. To this day it allows me to continue skiing, snowboarding, participating in crossfit, hiking, and indulging in my latest obsession: surfing.

Healing has been a lifelong interest for me.  My early studies were in Psychology. It wasn’t until much later that I decided to pursue massage therapy. While on a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia and South America, I received a reflexology massage in Bali that further awakened in me a new awareness and interest in bodywork. I came back home to New York and decided to enroll at the Swedish Institute in order to study and obtain my license.

I love massage because it is something that can help foster healing as well as helping to prevent injury. It challenges me on a daily basis and because of the nature of our bodies, is never the same. We are always evolving and individualized treatment plans have to as well.

For me, bodywork doesn’t simply treat the physical body of a client, but their spiritual and emotional needs, too.  I look at each treatment plan and strive to implement the best approach for that person based on a composite of what’s affecting them at that particular time, from an aggravated chronic injury to an argument in their workplace.  My approach can change session by session, just as the body may be feeling different on any given day.

I believe in the power of massage because I know first-hand how beneficial and amazing a regular bodywork regimen can be.  I feel like a different person when I am embracing all means to be in control of my health.  For me this means proper nutrition, a variety of exercise, and tuning in to how my body feels, what it’s telling me it requires.  Acknowledging how we feel and seeking out what can better serve us allows our bodies to recover.

If you’ve never had a massage or are curious about the benefits, please don’t hesitate to reach out and email me with any questions.  I’m happy to share with you any insights that I can.

Structural Integration

KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration) is a type of bodywork that focuses on the connective tissue, or fascia, of the body.


Education & Affiliations

Boston University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Swedish Institute, Associates Degree in Occupational Studies

Licensed Massage Therapist, The State of New York

Member of American Massage Therapy Association





In the pantheon of “SBK’ers That Can Help You Fix Your Shit” Inka is a surging star. I spent a good 35 years not paying all that much attention to mobility, flexibility and overall body awareness. As a result I was experiencing all the problems one can expect from serious mobility problems. Once I started Crossfit my mobility issues caused serious deficiencies in my ability to perform many of the movements properly and began resulting in injuries. I started to focus on improving my mobility, educating myself and looking for assistance. I found quite a bit of help which has brought me a long way but I was still having a lot of trouble with my hips and my shoulder girdle (ok, and everything else, really).
I started seeing Inka a couple months ago and was immediately struck by not only her knowledge of anatomy as well as mechanical and physical physiology but also her incredible intuition. Time and time again she has zeroed in on an area of particular tightness or adhesion and has applied just the right amount of pressure/manipulation…
In a short amount of time Inka has truly helped me improve my mobility, not just through her body work (although that has been a big factor) but also through educating me in what I should be doing on my own to advance my goals. She has produced more than one “A-Ha” moment in explaining to me why a tightness in one area might cause a deficiency five steps down the chain and then explaining what I need to do to fix it.
And the kicker is that during the majority of this intense work Inka is somehow able to make you feel like you are just getting a great massage.
David M (DMak)
“I’ve known Inka for nearly 20 years, and have always been in awe of her warmth and generosity of spirit. She combines her strong understanding in the holistic and therapeutic aspects of massage with her training, knowledge and athletic background to efficiently and effectively identify, address, and relieve my (myriad) muscular dysfunctions.  I feel markedly better after every session with her, but more importantly have a greater understanding of my specific personal issues and limitations and how to address them going forward.”

-Noah Abbott, Certified Stud/Ninja/Homie


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