Inka Hodes is a Licensed Massage Therapist through the Swedish Institute and a KMI Certified Structural Integrator, graduating from Tom Myers’ highly acclaimed Kinesis Myofascial Integration school. She has had the unique opportunity to have a mentorship with Annie Wyman where she has studied one-on-one with her intensively over the past year. Within the Structural Integration framework, Inka has advanced her studies of bones, nerve and artery mobilization as well as visceral work with Annie. 

Inka implements her skills and background in her whole-body-health approach to structural bodywork, integrating the needs of the body with the spiritual and emotional health of the client. She individualizes treatment plans while using a practical application of structural integration to help clients find more balance and ease in their bodies, and unwind long-held patterns that restrict movement and function by “freeing” the connective tissue as well as nerves and arteries.

With a B.A. in psychology, Inka has held a lifelong interest in healing, though a reflexology massage in Bali while on a backpacking trip further awakened her interest in pursuing bodywork. After recovering from two major injuries herself with the help of physical therapy, alternative bodywork modalities, good nutrition and finally discovering the incredible power of a sustainable self-care program, Inka is passionate about helping clients evolve their own path to attaining and maintaining full-body wellness.

“I know first-hand how beneficial a regular bodywork regimen can be.  I feel like a different person when I am embracing all means to be in control of my health.  For me this means proper nutrition, a variety of exercise, and tuning in to how my body feels, what it’s telling me it requires. Acknowledging how we feel and seeking out what can better serve us allows our bodies to recover.”

Always ready to listen and share the benefits of holistic bodywork, Inka looks forward to hearing from you.

"Inhabit the body you live in."